Peña Nieto’s Challenge, and “The Next Mexican Revolution”

On Geographical Imaginations, Derek Gregory posts on cartel/state violence in Mexico. Reflecting on the category confusion that this violence has generated, I am reminded of a 2010 piece by the late John Ross titled The Next Mexican Revolution. Here’s Ross:

As the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution steams into sight, U.S. and Mexican security agencies are closely monitoring this distant neighbor nation for red lights that could signal renewed rebellion. The most treacherous stretch for those keeping tabs on subversion south of the border is between September 15th the recently celebrated bicentennial commemorating the struggle for Mexico’s independence from Spain, and November 20th, the day back in 1910 that the liberal Francisco Madero called upon his compatriots to take the plazas of their cities and towns and rise up against the Diaz government…

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