Call for participation: Culture in Conversation, a monthly roundtable

The following CFP was circulated on the CULTSTUD-L list and may be interest to readers of this blog. I’m particularly intrigued by the organizers’ ambition to “lay bare the process by which new thoughts and ideas are formed.”


Culture in Conversation (CIC,, a monthly critical media and cultural studies roundtable set to launch on September 1, 2013, is seeking additional contributors for upcoming issues.

About CIC

Culture in Conversation is an online scholarly forum that seeks to reveal to its readers the work of scholarly exchange. CIC publishes conversations that are an “in-between” product—not as informal as a blog post, not as complex as a journal article, and not as one- sided as a formal commentary. The topics addressed speak to the broad scope of the cultural studies project: from media studies to literary theory, ethnology and anthropology to the digital humanities, film studies to musicology, science and technology studies, cultural history, and beyond. CIC’s conversation format values polished academic presentations alongside more raw, less definitive pieces that are “in the works,” preserving a process of exploration, discovery and learning. It is our hope that by placing various projects and perspectives “in conversation” with one another, the resultant interactions lay bare the process by which new thoughts and ideas are formed. Each conversation, published on the first of every month, features a curator and two or more conversationalists who will engage with a conceptual, theoretical, or methodological issue within the fields of cultural studies.

How to Contribute

There are several ways you can participate in Culture in Conversation:

  • Organize a conversation by proposing a topic and recruiting two conversationalists and a curator.
  • Submit your interest in a topic or role and we will help recruit the remaining members to round out a conversation.
  • Respond to an existing topic-specific Call to be considered as a potential curator or conversationalist.

Editors will review all proposals and respond within 2-4 weeks.

Learn More

For more details about CIC, to view our detailed Call for Contributors, and to read a sample conversation, please visit our website at You can follow our Twitter @CultureInConv, or email us with questions or proposals at

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Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Wyoming
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