2014 Meeting of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers

As I work on the projects I brought here to Cochabamba, I am beginning to write my paper for the upcoming meeting of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG) in Panamá City, Panamá. The paper I’m writing is titled “Youth Political Geographies and Student Movement Space After 1968 in Mexico City,” and has developed from my field research in central Mexico since 2010.

A view of Panamá City from the Cerro Ancón, Ap...

A view of Panamá City from the Cerro Ancón, April 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I encourage readers working in/on Latin America to consider participating in the meeting. As indicated on the conference website, the paper and poster sessions will happen on January 7 and 8 at the Hotel El Panamá and are bookended by field trips.


Here is the call for papers:

CLAG will accept papers and posters until 31 October for the Panamá 2014 meeting. Both forms of academic communication should follow the norms below.

The languages of the CLAG meeting are English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Please send the file and/or questions about papers for the CLAG Panama 2014 meetings to Joe Scarpaci (joescarpaci@gmail.com). Presentations will likely be just 15 minutes in length.

Aqui está la convocatoria:

CLAG aceptará ponencias y posters hasta el 31 de octubre para la reunión en Panamá. Ambas formas de comunicación académica deben seguir las normas descritas abajo.

Los idiomas de la reunión son español, portugués e ingles.

Favor de mandar el archivo y/o preguntas sobre las ponencias del Congreso CLAG en Panamá 2014 a Joe Scarpaci (joescarpaci@gmail.com). Es probable que las presentaciones sean solomante 15 minutos.

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