Call for Chapters: Geographies of Children’s Health and Wellbeing in Urban Environments

For readers of children’s geographies and/or geographies of young people, the following call for chapters will be of interest.


Call for chapters: Geographies of Children’s Health and Wellbeing in Urban Environments

Editors: Christina Ergler (Otago University), Robin Kearns (The University of Auckland) & Karen Witten (Massey University)

We are preparing a proposal for an edited book on children’s health and wellbeing in urban environments for consideration to the Geographies of Health series published by Ashgate Press and are seeking proposals for contributions.

Rationale: Children shape and are shaped by the conditions of everyday life. How they experience, negotiate and connect with or resist their surroundings impacts on their health and wellbeing. For example, environmental pollution, changing service landscapes and chronic poverty in cities impacts upon children’s health and wellbeing in many different ways. Trends such as increasing educational demands and engagement with new technologies alongside declining independent exploration of local environments and loss of contact with ‘nature’ suggest that children are losing their attachment to places. Children’s social and mental wellbeing is also shaped in relation to different family or parenting situations and practices. In brief, children’s health and wellbeing in urban environments is multifaceted and complex, embracing diverse dimensions, structures and scales. While health and wellbeing is an underlying theme in many recent publications in children’s geographies and the sociological studies of childhood, in this edited book we explicitly adopt this important focus.

We are looking for exciting, innovate contributions from geographers and related disciplines that engage with primary/elementary school age (approximately 5-12 years) children’s health and wellbeing in the widest sense. The edited collection will draw on the social determinants of health model and explicitly combine it with the geographical scales of home, neighbourhood, city and global urban issues. We welcome chapter proposals on a wide array of concepts, themes and issues relating to children’s health and wellbeing in urban environments. Chapters should ideally review or report on research within one of the four scales and in reference to the social determinants of health.

Please send your expression of interest in form of an abstract no longer than 300 words outlining your chapter proposal to Christina Ergler ( by October 10, 2013.

Selected abstracts will be included in the proposal which we aim to submit by November 2013 to the Series editors. Upon acceptance of the book proposal, for which strong interest has been expressed by the series editors, we anticipate asking that full chapters (5000 words including references) be submitted by April 30, 2014.


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