Nostalgia for the Light

In recognition of the catastrophic Chilean coup d’état forty years ago today (on September 11, 1973), I’m reposting a link to this movie by documentary filmmaker Patricio Guzmán.


40 years ago a coup occurs in Chile that destroyed the democracy, and also the life of many. The thousands of corpses were threw to the sea or were buried in the desert, and their families never have the opportunity to find them because the Chilean army (that headed of the coup) has not collaborated in that search.

On the other hand, Chile has the most advanced and modern systems of telescopes to search galaxies in the universe, mainly based on calcium detection. This documentary express in a sensitive way how the country that holds the technology to find galaxies thousands of kilometers far, cannot find their dead within their own territory.

This is a masterpiece of Patricio Guzman.

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