CFP: Transnational Politics of Memory in Europe

This CFP, sent across the H-Memory list, may be of interest to readers of this blog.


CFP: Transnational Politics of Memory in Europe – edited volume/special issue

Baricades set up during the Algerian War of In...While memory studies has seen considerable development at the level of national and comparative studies, the European level has been treated mostly in speculative, often highly normative, essays. There remains a lack of comprehensive empirical studies dealing with both transnational pan-European politics of remembrance and the question of whether and how they are linked to an unfolding European public sphere. Little research has been done regarding European remembrance as a field of transnational policy making in which individual and institutional actors compete through the use of various resources and the articulation of norms, interests, divergent political cultures and practices.

We are looking to connect with like-minded scholars working on these issues who are interested in not only submitting an article, but working together to shape a common research agenda. The results of these efforts will be published in an edited volume or special issue of a journal.

Initially, we are calling for the submission of abstracts (250-300 words). Scholars dealing with politics of remembrance on the European level through a social science perspective are invited to submit a proposal. We are interested in research projects that investigate the nexus between transnational politics of remembrance, European integration and an emerging European public sphere from different angles. We are particularly interested in innovative theoretical and empirical approaches that move away from abstract and normative perspectives that have dominated this area of research thus far. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to, questions such as:

  •  How has the European Union dealt publicly with various historical legacies?
  • Has there been an emergence of a European public sphere vis-à-vis the remembrance of oppression and dictatorship?
  • How can we map European efforts to establish a common European culture of memory?
  • How has the continuous conflict between the memory of Stalinism and Nazism/Fascism been navigated on the European level?
  • How are “marginal” memories (of colonialism, migration etc.) articulated?
  • Who are the crucial actors in European politics of remembrance?
  • What is the relationship between elite and “ordinary” or grassroots approaches to the past?
  • How have European memory actors interacted with actors from other regions?
  • Through which practical mechanisms do European memory politics operate?

Paper proposals (250-300 word abstracts) should be sent to & by 30 November 2013.


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