Special issue of ‘cultural geographies’ on new methods in the subdiscipline

As the semester ends, I’m making time to browse the new issue of cultural geographies on “New Methods in Cultural Geography.” Wendy Shaw, Dydia DeLyser, and Mike Crang offer a useful introduction on the history of methodological thinking in cultural geography. They write,

“These are exciting times for cultural geography(ies), especially in the often-under-sung realm of methods: spurred by rapidly developing theoretical engagements and pursuit of creative opportunities, our research methods are now as varied as imaginations allow. Through challenges and innovations in methods, cultural geographies have flourished – cultural geographers have embraced not only a proliferation of tools and techniques, but profoundly also an active encouragement of diversity in the very ways we carry out our research, and an articulacy in how we talk and write about our research methods” (Shaw et al. 2015, 211).

This special issue of cultural geographies complements a special issue of the Journal of Cultural Geography (on “Contemporary Research Strategies in Cultural Geography”) that Weronika Kusek and I completed last year.


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