Space, Politics and Aesthetics: New book by Mustafa Dikeç

Clive Barnett promotes Mustafa Dikeç’s new book (Space, Politics and Aesthetics) in relation to his own ongoing work. Barnett also links to my review of Dikeç’s new book:

Pop Theory

9780748685974I took part in a ‘conversation’ on the theme of Spaces of Democracy yesterday at UCL, organised by Liza Griffin and others, one of a series of events co-organised by the Bartlett School and the OU’s OpenSpace research centre. The other participants were Erik Swyngedouw and Mustafa Dikeç. I gave a potted version of the argument of the book I’m meant to be writing, in response to the question ‘Does democracy need the city?‘.

Mustafa has a new book hot off the presses, Space, Politics and Aesthetics, about thinking spatially about politics alongside Arendt, Nancy, and Ranciere. There is already one review available here.

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