“Reconfiguring Global Space” at IU – Bloomington, July 14-17

Majed Akhter circulated an announcement today for the upcoming “Reconfiguring Global Space” conference at Indiana University – Bloomington, which looks excellent. All talks and other programming are free and open to all. Excerpts from Majed’s announcement are cut-and-pasted below.


We are pleased to announce the final program for: “Reconfiguring Global Space: The Geography, Politics, and Ethics of Drone War“, to be held at Indiana University – Bloomington, from July 14-17.

Keynote speakers: Derek Gregory, Medea Benjamin, and Ian Shaw.

Other participants include: Purnima Bose, Jeremy Crampton, Nick Cullather, John Kaag, Jonathan Manes, Mark Neocleous, Priya Satia, Micol Seigel, Sikander Shah, Madiha Tahir, and many more.

All talks (as well as the film screening and art exhibit) are free and open to all – no registration required. If you do plan on attending, however, please let us know via email (maakhter@indiana.edu and/or hekbia@indiana.edu ) just as a courtesy. Please also note that at this time we plan on having live webcasts for all talks from the conference website.

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Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Wyoming
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