Financial support of social, economic, and environmental justice work from Edge Fund

Readers in the UK may be interested in this from Edge Fund, “[supporting] efforts to achieve social, economic and environmental justice and to end imbalances in wealth and power.”

Edge Fund

Summer may nearly be over this year, but don’t worry… we’ve just opened a new funding round! Please help us spread the word. All the information you need is below.

We would also like to announce that three new regional organisers have joined our team!

  • Kwesi is based in London, and will be covering South England and Wales:
  • Natasha is based in Manchester and London and will be covering North England and Midlands:
  • Jon is based in Edinburgh, and will be covering Scotland and Ireland:

If you have any questions about Edge Fund membership or applying for our funding, please get in touch with your regional organiser today!

What we fund

We support work run by and for communities facing discrimination and injustice. We fund work carried out by individuals and grassroots groups in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England that find it difficult to get funding elsewhere…

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