Sarah Moore lecture at Ohio Wesleyan for ‘Place of Waste’ series

Moore PicDr. Sarah Moore (University of Wisconsin Geography) comes to Ohio Wesleyan tomorrow for a visitor series I’m co-coordinating with my colleagues Jim Peoples (Anthropology and East Asian Studies) and John Krygier (Geography and Environmental Studies). As mentioned in a previous post, the programming, titled ‘The Place of Waste,’ is the 2016 iteration of Ohio Wesleyan’s annual Sagan National Colloquium. As part of a project financially supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, we focus on waste in cross-cultural context. Sarah is speaking at 7pm in Merrick Hall 301.

Tracking Transnational Hazardous Waste Trading: Methodological Problems and Partial Solutions

In this paper, I draw on data attained through Freedom of Information Act requests to the United States Environmental Protection Agency to illustrate two main points: First, even in countries with stable regulatory structures (such as Canada and the United States), data on the transfer of hazardous materials is unevenly collected and rarely analyzed. Second, even when the best available data are collected and analyzed, a high degree of uncertainty remains. Following on these two points, I describe how I have attempted to overcome these problems through a current research project that visualizes this newly-created data, while also alerting us to remaining inconsistencies and uncertainties.


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