‘Political activism across the life-couse’ — CFP for a special issue of Contemporary Social Science

This Call For Papers for a special issue of Contemporary Social Science may be of interest to readers of the blog. (Thank you, Anne Pfister, for drawing my attention to the CFP.) The deadline for submitting papers is October 31, 2016.



Papers are invited that explore how citizens participate in society. What leads them to participate, and what are the consequences of their participation? These are important policy and practice relevant questions about political activism, defined as responding to matters of common concern. Many social science disciplines have explored these issues including social psychologists, political scientists, sociologists and social anthropologists.  Central to these explorations is the question of how contemporary politics mark lives and how lives mark contemporary politics. This covers a range of concerns from health to education, environment to poverty, migration to domestic violence, gender identities to political conflict. In particular, we welcome studies that examine political activism across the life-course.

A range of research methods are welcomed that include action research, biographical interviews, case study and ethnographic research, surveys and visual methods approaches. Well-reasoned, empirically based essays are also welcome.

Manuscripts should follow the usual instructions for electronic submission of papers to Contemporary Social Science. Authors should indicate that they wish the manuscript to be reviewed for inclusion in the special issue. The Editors of this issue would be happy to review plans for papers in advance of their receipt. All papers will be peer reviewed.

The closing date for submitting papers is 31st October 2016.

Corresponding guest editor:

Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, University of Sussex.  S.Nolas@sussex.ac.uk


Christos Varvantakis, University of Sussex.

Vinnarsan Aruldoss, University of Sussex.

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Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Wyoming
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