Back in Mexico City around the second anniversary of #Ayotzinapa

I am still in the early days of a short trip for fieldwork around the second anniversary of the forced disappearance of the student teachers in Guerrero. This is the first of two posts today. I will post another this evening, as I did in 2015, with photos from the march from the Ángel de la Independencia to the Zócalo.

cartel-ganador-ayotzinapaThis morning, before the march, I will also attend an homage to Raúl Álvarez Garín in Tlatelolco, at the site of the October 2, 1968 massacre credited with ending the Mexican student movement of that summer. Raúl was a highly visible member of the Consejo Nacional de Huelga in 1968 and of the Comité 68 in the decades since. He died in Mexico City in 2014, on the same day that the 43 student teachers were disappeared in Guerrero.



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