AAG 2017 Panel Session: Protest Camps

Protest Camps

The politics of Care and Social Reproduction in contemporary social movement politics

 AAG 2017 Panel Session

Organised by Protest Camps Research collective

From the Tent City Uni to Warwick: Occupy the University

Though their history is much longer, since the uprisings and protests of 2011, protest camps have gained prominence in waves of contentious politics, deployed by movements with a wide array of demands for social change. Whether erected in a park in Istanbul or a street in Mexico City, the significance of political encampments rests in their position as distinctive material and mediated spaces where people come together to imagine alternative worlds and articulate contentious politics, often in confrontation with the state.

A key uniting feature of many protest camps and other place-based protests is the politicisation of care. In recent years new protest camps have often addressed unfolding crises of social reproduction, such as housing, but also addressed specifically the threats to life emerging from the continuous exploitation…

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