Call for Nominations for the Cultural Geography Specialty Group (AAG) Board

This call for nominations has been circulated by Matt Cook. Feel free to email me with any questions about what taking an officer position with the CGSG would entail.


Call for Nominations for the CGSG Board

The Cultural Geography Specialty Group (CGSG) is currently soliciting nominations for the following positions: Chair, Awards Director, and Grad Student Representative. Each position is a two year term, running from the AAG meeting in 2017 and ending with the AAG meeting in 2019. Elections will be held online in the two weeks prior to the AAG meeting in Boston (March 20 to April 2, 2017)

Chair (two-year term). The Chair will be responsible for:  a) chairing the annual business meeting; b) together with the Secretary/Treasurer, the publication of one Cultural Geography Specialty Group Newsletter each year; c) submitting to the AAG office an annual report of the activities, finances, and immediate objectives of the CGSG; and d) providing general stewardship for the members of the specialty group in all matters while promoting the discipline of Geography in general and cultural geography specialization in particular. The chair is also responsible for scheduling and chairing (online) meetings with CGSG board members on a regular basis.

Awards Director (two-year term). The Awards Director is responsible for organizing and chairing the CGSG Awards Committee and will determine methods by which recognition will be given for major contributions to cultural geography. Currently there are four awards that are determined on an annual basis: MA Paper Award, PhD Paper Award (The Terry Jordan-Bychkov Award), MA Research Grant, and PhD Research Grant (The Denis Cosgrove Award).

Grad Student Rep (two-year term). The Graduate Student Representatives will be responsible for engaging student participation in the specialty group, managing the group’s social media (Facebook and Twitter), and, based on sufficient interest, organize and chair at least one student-only paper session at the annual AAG meeting and help to meet the needs of the students presenting papers or engaging in research. Additionally, the Student representatives will, at their discretion and availability, encourage paper sessions at regional meetings under the auspices of the CGSG. Traditionally, Grad Student Representatives have hosted a CGSG Breakfast paid for by the CGSG. In addition, Graduate Student Representatives will organize a cultural landscapes photo exhibition and competition where the winning photo(s) will undergo review for publication in a geography journal. All AAG Meeting attendees are invited to these events. In achieving these tasks, each Graduate Student Representative will have a different focus in their position. The representative in their first year (regardless of degree program) will manage the CGSG’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The representative in their second year of their term on the board will coordinate the annual photography exhibition and annual CGSG Breakfast at the AAG meeting. Both reps will work together in coordinating a student-only session at the annual national and regional meetings, as interest is supplied.

Self nominations are strongly encouraged, though nominations of other people with their permission to run for office will also be accepted.

Thank you for supporting the CGSG!

Matthew Cook
CGSG Nominations Director
Department of Geography & Geology
Eastern Michigan University


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