New chapter on “Political education in protest camps”

9781447329411-278607-300x400 Protest Camps in International Context: Spaces, Infrastructures, and Media of Resistance will be published at the end of this month on Policy Press. I have contributed a chapter from my research in Mexico City.

The editors (Gavin Brown, Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel, and Patrick McCurdy) have organized two sessions at the upcoming meeting of the Association of American Geographers in recognition of the new book. More information about those sessions can be found in the preliminary program, here and here.

I cut and paste the first paragraph of my chapter for the book below.


Political education in protest camps: spatializing dissensus and reconfiguring places of youth activist ritual in Mexico City

Protest camps require and facilitate political education. But political education can also undermine the potential of protest campers to elicit radical change. This chapter examines several protest camps in post 1968 Mexico City to reveal how young protest campers cooperate in political education to the effect of reconfiguring places of activism and cultivating spaces of politics. It shows that protest camps can productively stage encounters between difference senses of the world, and that political education can intensify spatial expressions of political antagonism. At the same time, the chapter also shows how political education can sometimes obstruct the reconfiguration of places of activism. Here, political education is a mode of social reproduction that carries with it the tendency towards stability. On the one hand, then, I examine practices of political education through which protest campers prefiguratively embody alternative ways of being that challenge established vocabularies and identities of the place in which they are situated. On the other hand, I show that, as a ‘protest camp pathology’ (Feigenbaum et al, 2013, 229), political education maintains parts of the social-spatial order against which protest campers have ostensibly converged.


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