Videos and live streaming of ‘1968, Fifty Years of Struggle’ in Middlebury, VT

Presenters made it to Middlebury for the conference (I discuss it in a previous post) despite the nor’easter. (I could not arrive because of the weather but will present remotely this afternoon.) The conference organizers produced a video of Tamar Meyer’s opening comments and Todd Gitlin’s keynote address, “The Ambiguous Consequences of Failed Revolutions” (13:00 in the video below).

The conference organizers will provide live web streams of the rest of the conference here, and, if I understand correctly, will produce videos after the conference ends on Saturday. I will be presenting “Mexican transition(s) and youth political engagement after 1968 in Mexico City” at 4:45 EST.

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Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Wyoming
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