Videos from the final days of the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs conference, ‘1968, Fifty Years of Struggle’

A video from the excellent presentations and discussion on Friday, March 9 is available here (I present at 4:43).

The video from the presentations and discussion today (Saturday, March 10) is available here.

The organizers in Middlebury should be proud of a very successful conference, which is well positioned for subsequent dissemination the form of an edited volume or some kind of digital dissemination. A post-conference discussion noted that ‘continuity’ was a key word in the presentations at this conference — that almost all of the presenters either situated 1968 in the ‘long sixties’ or focused on the contemporary significance of the year. The romance of ‘rupture’ was less pronounced in this conversation than in many commentaries on ’68. The original schedule for the conference is found here.


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