Essay: The Idea of Racial Progress and the Ongoing Racialization of American Landscapes

Michael Crutcher delivered the Cultural Geography Specialty Group marquee address at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers in New Orleans, and I have co-authored a short essay with Joe Moose (a MA student at University of Wyoming) on what it is to re-read Crutcher’s 2010 book Tremé in 2018. The essay can be found here, as part of the Cultural Geography Specialty Group’s 2018 newsletter.) Our discussion of Tremé is influenced by reading we have been doing throughout the semester for an independent study course titled ‘Race, Place, and Sports’ that I am facilitating as Joe’s committee chair to support his innovative MA thesis research on racialization in and through professional baseball in the United States.


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Assistant Professor of Geography at University of Wyoming
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