Resources for making sense of the unrest in Nicaragua

A video from Democracy Now and a NACLA article by Lori Hanson and Miguel Gomez help us make sense of the political process in Nicaragua and the challenges faced by the Ortega government. Hanson and Gomez promote strategic analysis and intervention as they describe an incoherent political opposition that must organize for emancipation or, in their terms, “risk getting absorbed by the politics and patriarchal norms of capitalist opportunists eager to offer it a direction.”

“The autoconvocados [the self-convened] have bravely defined themselves as a political force in Nicaragua and put their bodies on the line. But if they are to radically transform the political landscape, they will need to strategize to fight the government in ways that do not play into the hands of the national right wing or ideological potpourris. They must also name and confront the current contradictions within their ranks.”


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