SCREE symposium in Flagstaff, AZ, at Northern Arizona University

A symposium for the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition (SCREE) will begin today at Northern Arizona University as part of the 15th Biennial Conference of Science & Management on the Colorado Plateau & Southwest Region (more information here).

The symposium within the conference is open to the public and being promoted as The Arid Lands and Legacy of John Wesley Powell 150 Years Ago, 150 Years Ahead. History, Science, Culture and Future.

For this evening’s program, I will facilitate a public-facing discussion between Dr. Paul Hirt (History at Arizona State) and Dr. Dan McCool (Political Science, University of Utah) on the Colorado River Basin, its histories and possible futures.

On Tuesday, with my colleague in the Law School at UW, Jason Robison, I will be working as a co-moderator for panels on the horizons of policy and politics around water, public lands, and Native Americans in the Colorado River Basin.

SCREE is an interdisciplinary, public-facing project that looks backward to John Wesley Powell’s 1869 survey of the Colorado River Basin and looks forward to consider its implications for life in the Arid West. More information can be found on the SCREE website:



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