‘The mainstreaming of “vulgar territory”’ in the political geography section of GECO

We have recently published Chris Lizotte in the political geography section of Geography Compass, on “The mainstreaming of ‘vulgar territory’ and popular visions of hyper‐bordered and feminized territory.” Chris’ timely review article identifies and outlines an approach to understanding popular-geographical articulations of territory in ethno-nationalist movements and regimes. The abstract for Chris’ article can be found below.

I lay out a case for recognizing “vulgar territory,” a fusing of superficial categories of spatial sovereignty with identarian rhetorics of belonging. I argue that vulgar territory is composed of two primary elements: first, a simplistic conception of sovereignty as being entirely contiguous with state borders. Second, affective elements of spatial belonging, particularly hope and fear. These two basic elements combine in various ways depending on the particular meanings, images, and emotions that are assembled in particular geohistorical contexts. I show this with a rough typology of “vulgates” of hyper‐bordered and feminized territory by examining recent examples from around the world.

About nicholasjoncrane

Associate Professor of Geography and International Studies at the University of Wyoming
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