“The anti‐geopolitical cinematic eye” published in the political geography section of GECO

A few weeks ago, Geography Compass published Edward Holland’s “The anti-geopolitical cinematic eye: Documentary film and critical geopolitics” in the political geography section of the journal. Ted’s review article critical-geopolitical thinking on how documentary film configures the world of political engagement. The abstract for his article can be found below.

This article considers documentary film as a format for critique and alternative viewings of the geopolitical. To do so, it reviews work in film studies on documentary film, emphasizing the theorization of the documentary ethos and the role of filmmakers in determining how documentaries depict reality. Identifying three points of consonance between documentary films and critical geopolitics, it reviews the geopolitical nature of many topical choices, the importance of authorial intent and creation, and the viewing of documentaries as texts whose interpretation is determined by their creators and viewers. The conclusion advocates for documentary film as a basis for a return to the consideration of format in critical geopolitics.

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