428814_10151050438643673_716214522_nThis is the blog of Dr. Nicholas Jon Crane, an Assistant Professor of Geography at University of Wyoming.

I am a broadly trained human geographer (Ph.D. 2014, Geography at Ohio State) with a background in geography and cultural studies. I work at the intersections of several fields of study (political and cultural geography, political theory, social movement studies, and Latin American studies). Among my recent publications are articles and book chapters on the social reproduction of the state through anti-state activism, feminist-political-geographical approaches to the state in Latin American Geography, the role of political education in protest encampments, and qualitative research design in human geography. My ongoing projects include 1) an ethnography of the relay between memories of 1968 in Mexico City and political geographies of young people in central Mexico, and 2) an action-research project with young racial and economic justice organizers that lends momentum to group-centered leadership development. You can read more about my research here.

This is a work blog. The name refers to Octavio Paz’s “critique of the pyramid” in Posdata. “Another critique” seeks to break from that presentation of history as circular to allow for a politics as yet unaccounted for, an opening for the impossible, an emancipatory politics.

Most of the posts on this blog relate to my research and teaching. In some, I informally discuss debates or reading. In others, I follow current events, typically focusing on where I am living or working. I also post publication opportunities or calls for participation in conferences that will likely be of interest to readers of the blog.

For an updated CV, click here. I also have academia.edu, researchgate, and scholar.google profiles on which some of my published work is available to read. Feel free to contact me by email: ncrane@uwyo.edu.