Graduate Students

I am interested to advise graduate students in cultural geography, political geography, cultural studies, and/or on themes in the regional geography of Latin America.

My current research is particularly focused on the cultural politics and political economy of violence in Mexico, in hemispheric context, so I am particularly keen to advise with students whose projects may bear some relation to that ongoing work.

My graduate students are working on a wide variety of topics: conflict resolution and the politics of heritage in Cyprus, Indigenous environmental justice movements in North America, gendered social interactions in Morocco, the spatiality of social difference in and through competitive online gaming, and the cultural politics of drought in California.

Please email if you are interested to work with me or have questions about graduate studies at the University of Wyoming: I will appreciate an informal statement about what you may want to do as a graduate student, why you think I would be an appropriate mentor, and some information about your preparation for graduate studies.