Overview of Research

Research foci: Cultural Geography; Political Geography; social movements and the state; memory studies and memory work; young people and youth culture; qualitative research design and methodology (ethnographic, archival, and participant action); Mexico and the Americas


I have two ongoing projects — 1) an ethnography of youth mobilization and memory in Mexico City, and 2) an action-research project with young social justice organizers in Ohio. I provide some details on pages for Between Repression and Heroism and Breaking Consent respectively. The first project emerges from my dissertation research. I began work on the second in early 2015.

Two other established research trajectories focus on qualitative research design and methodology in human geography, and on the wider field of youth cultural politics that exceeds my work in Mexico and the United States.

Relevant to research design, I recently collaborated with Weronika Kusek as a guest-editor for a special issue of the Journal of Cultural Geography on research strategy in cultural geography, and published an article on the problem of social and geographical context in research on the political geographies of memory.

My work on youth cultural politics has focused on young people’s creative role in sectors of political and economic life in which they are often construed as marginal. For example, my publications have shown how young people co-produce varieties of capitalism through subcultural practice, and how young people create potential for transnational solidarity and generate new subnational spaces of politics like the home (for example, in my writing on Occupy Wall Street).

A list of recent publications is available here. Please contact me (ncrane@uwyo.edu) if you do not have access to something you would like to read.