Teaching (syllabi, etc.)

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at University of Wyoming, where I am teaching the following courses.
  • American Landscapes
  • Cultural Geography
  • Geography of Conflicts
  • Introduction to Human Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Race, Place, and Sports
  • World Regional Geography
From 2014-16, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Geology and Geography at Ohio Wesleyan University, where I taught:

Field trip with ‘Latin American Geographies’ at Ohio Wesleyan University, Fall 2014

In 2015-16, I also collaborated with Drs. John Krygier (Geography) and Jim Peoples (Anthropology) to coordinate learning opportunities (courses, lectures, and travel) as part of a year-long series of events, ‘The Place of Waste.’ More on one of our events here.

Before teaching at Ohio Wesleyan, I taught for more than five years as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at Ohio State, until I finished my degree in 2014. I was employed as an instructor and/or as a teaching assistant for the following undergraduate courses:

  • Urban Geography
  • Social and Economic Geography
  • World Urbanization
  • The Making of the Modern World
  • World Regional Geography